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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Apologies and Delays

Please forgive me!
Image description: Writer with hands interlocking,
clearly begging for forgiveness.
Folks I have to apologize for promising a conclusion to yesterday's post and then dropping that ball.

The internet for the place I'm moving had to be changed since it was being paid for by the person who moved out, and there was a lapse of about 30 hours in getting the new router hooked up and working.

I was able to post yesterday by using my phone as a hotspot, but sometime between then and today I actually used up the data on my phone's plan until the 10th. So the article is sitting here written, but I couldn't upload it.

Seriously it's been worse than the DMV/sloth scene in Zootopia since I ran out of data.

There are some coffee shops and such with free wifi around here, but I've also had a pretty busy day. The Contrarian stopped by to make sure my emergency toy storage facility was appropriately stocked.

Fortunately our wifi got fixed. (And holy fuck is our new service FAST!) But they got fixed after a sort of....critical timing window. For those who blog (or anyone who wants to think about internet traffic patterns for half a moment), you'll realize that posting late on a Saturday usually misses most people who would see a post, and it's not a very good time to put up anything substantive. Early week days are actually the best time for serious articles. When I post late Saturday or on Sunday, it's a very different kind of article.

Anyway, the point here is this: this internet outage actually fucked me up beyond just "Eh, I'll do it tomorrow."  I usually have my Monday and Tuesday update schedule pretty locked in on other types of posts and I don't like to post multiple "crunchy" posts in a given day (if I do two posts, it's one fluff and one crunchy), so depending on things ranging from tiny human nap times to progress on manuscript, the conclusion to that post will likely be going up Wednesday, but it might be Thursday, and I am actually really sorry about that.

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