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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last Call: Best Horror/Best Modern Sci Fi

What is the best Modern Sci Fi Book or Series? Last chance to vote!

What is the best Horror Novel/Novella? Last chance to nominate.

Remember Wednesdays are always going to be a little light around here. The best thing I can hope for to make up for it is that once we're further in the groove (and not getting sick every damned week) there will be more "brunch posts" on Thursday and Friday and some weekend posts as well.   

But for today we have two orders of business:

Number one- Please don't forget to vote in our current poll for Best Modern Science Fiction.


While there's a clear front runner, many of the other races are tight. This is your last chance to find an upset. The poll is over on the left

Number two-

Nominate and second titles in our current call for Best Horror Novel/Novella.

RESULTS WILL GO UP FRIDAY as a brunch post.

Due to the popularity of this poll, the fact that we're not going to have time for semifinal rounds before the end of the month (the very spooky and scary Halloween, of course), and the large number of nominations with one second we will only take titles with at least TWO "seconds." So if you see your fave sitting out there with one second, better use your life line to dial a friend.

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