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Monday, October 24, 2016

Coughing Those Words Out (Personal Update)

Really Rough Draft  

Raw unfettered shit-  30,396 (Last week 24,262) [Just this week- 6134]  

Slightly polished turd- 18, 242 (Last week 12,402)  [Just this week- 5,840] 

*Reminder slightly polished turd is usually soft revision I've done to help jump start me into the next day's writing. It's no where close to a second draft, but it's a bit more polished than my raw copy. But a blank page is a hard start.

Personal Update


Yep. I've been prescribed liquids cough syrup and as much bedrest as I can get, but there's not much they can do except tell me to take it easy and hope that it doesn't develop into walking pneumonia. It hasn't kept me from crawling to the keyboard every day, but it's certainly cut into my word counts.

I also finally finished up a pair of very busy weeks. And I finally got a weekend to relax. Which I don't just need for my health, but actually because it's been too long. I need to start paring down my commitments to make more time for writing. (It's a good thing to be writing so much that one needs to find more time to do so.)

I've got more guest blogs this week than I can shake a cliche at, so I might run them on Tues AND Wed and try to catch up a bit from these last two weeks. So things are looking good even though I spent this morning coughing up a lung.

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