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Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Dark Side of the Moon

If you're following this blog close enough to notice an interruption in our update schedule (but not stalking me well enough to know what's going on in my life), then let me tell you what's about to happen. I triple booked myself with pet sitting and THEN I'm heading to Texas for a few days, and so Writing About Writing is going to be slipping into Jazz Hands mode for a while.

Don't worry. I've actually be holding back on some of my more Jazz Handsy posts in anticipation of this time, so you're still going to get a lot of fresh-to-death content.

Though there may be an opportunity on the horizon for a side gig that doesn't require so much running around, until Patreon is covering a few hundred a month more, I'm stuck saying yes to jobs when they come up in order to be able to have a car and buy food that isn't refried beans and grits.

I've still got big articles–many already half written or more (including tomorrow's offering)–and I will bring you as much as time will allow, try to write on the plane, find time in the cracks....all my usual tricks. This is by no means a hiatus, nor will it be as fast-and-loose as we get around here every summer while I teach summer school. We're going to do everything we can to keep our signal strong, but you may lose us for a minute as we go behind the moon.

But I wanted to let you know if you see a higher ratio than normal of Potpourri, Plot, and Fortune Cookie type posts, it's not me trying to pull any shenanigans. I really am driving all the hell over the bay area to take care of cats so that I can buy a premade salad and eat some leafy greens.

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