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Friday, June 29, 2018


Hi folks,

As I recover from this week and try to get you some posts that aren't totally jazz hands, here is a reminder that I need your questions to help me do the "20 Questions" posts (which there will be more of). They are a great way during these six weeks (four left) of my impossible schedule. 

Themes remaining are Process, Craft, Blogging, Publishing, Basics, Social Media (FB!), Reading/Books, "My Philosophy of Writing," Grammar, and Social Justice Bard. Though I may do one or two Personal or Meta questions as filling if you still have those.

Now I'm off to do some power sleeping and then write like the wind this weekend.


  1. When you get done writing the first draft of a novel, what then?

  2. Does translation work count towards writing daily? Asking for a friend �� ...

  3. I want to find a way to focus past my A.D.D to consistently write this epic fantasy story world ive had in ky head since I was eight. Its always growing and developing, and I write (barring carpal tunnel attacks) for hours at a time in journals..but when it comes to my story I only ever seen to get occasional disjointed scraps onto paper. What can I do?