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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Best of May 2018

The highest page-viewed, non-poll posts from May (not from June...we're a little behind here) that will go on to be sung of by master scops and bards in the halls of glory and renown––also known as our Greatest Hits menu.  May was actually a generally okay month, but it brought up some good questions about what "baseline" busy means around here and the need to revisit my priorities as soon as summer school is over. I simply have to find a way to do less of all this side gig stuff all the time and much more writing.

Words Fucking Matter

"But Chris....he was talking about M-13!" Was he? Was he really? Has anything you've seen before or since given you the impression that distinction is important to him.

Fortune Cookie XV

Making little macros of beach scenes with one's OWN quotes on them is considered uncouth.

How have I managed to make money and build an audience writing? It's not talent, I can tell you that. 

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