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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Best of December 2018

We're wrapping up the admin end of the 2018 year here with our Best of posts. (There's one more order of business as the patrons and Patron-Muses have yet to be thanked.)

It may take me a little while to figure out the year's best and the adjusted three best by month. I have to account for one of FB's most greed-inspired and dramatic throttlings to date. If I went strictly by the numbers, only posts from before mid-October would make it. So what I've got to try to do is figure out what did the best by ratio compared to the rest of articles accounting for a major dip in numbers.

Facebook claimed their massive change to their algorithm was so that its users could see "more of [their] friends and the things they love" but behind the scenes they have quadrupled their efforts to badger page admins into paying ad revenue. (They all but said "Nice outreach you used to have. Shame about what happened to it. Want it back?") I dropped by 90% overnight and trying to figure out what that means to which articles actually did "better" will take some consideration.

However, as December was all on one side of The Greedening Throttling, it's easy enough to figure out which articles did the best for that month in a vacuum.

Ten Flavors of Gamergate Fail
A rescue from another blog about a years-old event turned out to be our best article of the month. Ain't showbiz funny?

"You Live in a Bubble" (Social Justice Bard)
The claims of echo chambers and bubbles are oft tossed at folks who dare to care about social issues. But is there anything to them?

20 Questions (Meta)

  • Can I take you to lunch/take you out to get a cup of coffee. Will you share your Amazon wishlist/Steam wishlist/Something wishlist.
  • Amber asks: Do you ever get PMed questions that just require too much emotional labor to answer or just make you feel gross?
  • Becky asks: Most amusing instance of "Hey, aren't you the WAW guy?"

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