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Monday, April 1, 2019

Best Contemporary Sci Fi (RESULTS)

The results are in!!!! The best science fiction book (or series) in the last ten years is official (at least for now). These results will be posted tomorrow on a new page and ever-growing list where they will be immortalized until the next time we run the same poll. I kind of hoped something a little more softish might get the nod, but I have to admit that The Martian was a fun romp. (And no shit, I know Andy Weir.) It took an early lead and never let go.

Text results below.

The Martian - A. Weir 138 29.18%
The Expanse Series - J. Corey 103 21.78%
Imperial Radch (Ancillary) Trilogy - A. Leckie 77 16.28%
The Three Body Problem Trilogy - Cixin Liu 58 12.26%
Redshirts - John Scalzi 44 9.3%
The Murderbot Diaries - M. Wells 42 8.88%
Machineries of Empire Trilogy - Y.H. Lee 10 2.11%
The Legacy Hunter - C. Heinicke and K. Reedwood 1 0.21%

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