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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Current Poll Results

[Everything in brackets will disappear in a few days. This is the first of a new ever-growing list that I'm going to add to The Reliquary. Now that we have enough people voting each round, I'm going to start tracking all our poll results.

For the concerned, the kitty who was sick is doing much better. I don't know if she's completely out of the woods, but she's eating and has a lot of her strength back.

Next week, look for (among other things) the roll out of something a little different. Folks who like my social justice bard posts or political rants on my regular Facebook page may be particularly interested. 

Tomorrow we have an AWESOME guest blog.]  
Sticky Polls 

After many years of building an audience, we now have enough people voting in each round of our polls to track the results of ALL polls in one place and only replace them when we run the same poll again (probably somewhere around three years later for most of the popular polls).

Undersung Heroes

This will be a simple list under the results. Nothing that was voted on, and in fact to get something put on the "undersung heroes" list, one has to relinquish nominating it for the poll. These are not titles people feel are the BEST, but titles people feel are great but not well known or widely appreciated. They are the treasures that folks knew weren't going to win (or even make the poll), but wanted to give a shout out anyway.

The best science fiction book (or series) written in the last ten years.

Results (in order of ranking):

The Martian - A. Weir
The Expanse Series - J. Corey
Imperial Radch (Ancillary) Trilogy - A. Leckie
The Three Body Problem Trilogy - Cixin Liu
Redshirts - John Scalzi
The Murderbot Diaries - M. Wells
Machineries of Empire Trilogy - Y.H. Lee
The Legacy Hunter - C. Heinicke and K. Reedwood

Undersung Heroes:
IQ84 - Murakami
The Coincidence Makers - Blum
A long Way to a Small Angry Planet - Chambers
The Manifold Worlds Series - Meadows

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