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Monday, February 24, 2020

We're BACK! (The Train Leaving The Station)

New electric/diesel trains just sort of start moving, but in the old days of steam, if you tried to go too fast, too quickly, you'd those full power turns on the drive wheel where the piston rod would be going, and the wheels might even spin, but that train would still barely move. And then slowly, after several turns, it would finally begin to lurch forward.

So......that's like a metaphor.....

For the next few days I have to come to my clients' twice a day to feed the kitties, and as long as I'm here, I'm going to sit down and get some writing done on their Wifi. Pretty soon Sonic is going to come to my new apartment, and satisfy my Pakled need to find "things that make us go," but at least, until then, I have some half-measures.

As we start up this week, we are not quite full steam ahead yet, but I should be able to start getting some writing work done as I return to a full clip. By next week, you'll all be back to singing "How does he write like he's running out of time?"

By tomorrow my $3 Patrons should see the February newsletter. I know it eats a regular post each month, but it is a small way of saying thank you for not only keeping the lights on and the rent paid, but making sure I know that I have a way to handle NEXT month's power bill and rent too. Wednesday you're going to get a post (even though I said no Wednesday posts this month) though it will be sort of a small, admin thing. By Thursday, we'll be up to speed (I've already got a mailbox partially written).

And at that point we should be up to speed. I appreciate everyone's patience during my move. Getting my own place might not directly give me any more time to write, but there are a lot of little things that kind of "nibble" at writing time and energy that I think are going to be a LOT better.

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