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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Best of Jan 2020

I held back for a couple of weeks on posting some of my January admin posts, so that I had some "jazz hands" to put up during my most labor intensive moving days (which are happening right now). The weird irony from January is that at the time I had NO idea I was probably going to be building more Ikea furniture very soon.

Ikea Furniture Assembly, Writing, and You
Writing is a lot like building furniture. Wait, what?

"The 'Writing About Writing' Guy"
After eight years, the bio was badly in need of an update.

Internal Critics and Other Voices [Part 2 of 3]
Though parts one and three were in other months (the very end of Dec and the very beginning of Feb respectively), part 2 came in as one of the month's best.

Honorable Mention
A Bump In the Road

Apparently, I'm getting pretty good at writing appeals posts. This would have been the #1 slot if I allowed appeals posts to "count" for the month's bests (I also ignore the polls and all the various nomination and reminder posts). For those of you trying to get the wording right on an effort to crowdfund something––or those of you who are hoping to help Writing About Writing struggle on with it's limited success––this might be a decent post to check out.

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