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Friday, February 28, 2020

Chris and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good, Awesome, Dudical, Completely Epic Month

He really has great teeth, doesn't he?
Well....the spirit of Nicolas Cage never showed up. I waited all night for the ability to go wide eyed and power through like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, but it just didn't happen. I guess those lines of coke are a more important part of the equation than I first thought.

So I have to write a different kind of post.

I'm tired. I'm aching from lifting shit. I dealt with illness and kept going. My cracked rib still hurts (especially when I cough or sneeze). I haven't worked a day that clocked in at less than 12 hours since before the 15th. Building furniture is a lot more time consuming than even the most liberal estimates. I still need half a dozen things including, like, A PLATE so that I can actually live here. I really want to get done with unpacking and sit in my then clean and organized new apartment for several hours and just stare at a wall and sigh contentedly.

I was high-key trying to nail a couple of last articles for the month. Just go out on a high note and make sure that all my patrons didn't get their monthly notice that they were about to be billed (for March) and think, "Wait, what has this guy even DONE lately?"

In the end, I'm just going to have to let February 2020 be the month that got eaten by life––the worst blogging I've ever done (even compared to months with cancer and breakups). The illness. The injury. The time crunches. The false start on a familial visit. The nanny hours that I couldn't say no to because moving costs turned out to be sneaky little fuckers who could grow right in front of you without you ever noticing.

In the grand scheme of life, however, this was a spectacular month. The golden opportunity that fell into my lap. Grabbing it and going full throttle. Why, even now, I'm not waking up from dogs and sixteen-year-olds outside my door or trying to time meals or bathroom breaks to coordinate with others.

Still.....I shall take this moment to add in some writing advice. Sometimes you can write every day just like you're supposed to, but there's still too much shit going on to deal with deadlines. Either you're just distracted from the writing you "ought" to be doing (true for me right now) or you have the time to sit down and do a little writing, but not the time to sit down and write entire articles (also true for me right now). We all need to take a few days OFF to move.

Plus a lot of my writing during political turmoil-y times ends up in chunk thoughts on my Facebook Page. Primary season and Covid-19 have put some bees in my bonnet. I tend to spend an hour writing up a multi-paragraph status, do that multiple times a day, and then think my Facebook writing doesn't "count," but I'm trying to be better about that (including pointing people to it when I am not the best about the Writing About Writing update schedule)

The good news is, I haven't stopped writing. I'm just not going to be able to get a completed blog post up before everyone goes home for the weekend and by Monday it'll be March. There are a handful of half-done and almost-done articles (the ones I thought I could Nicolas Cage today and tomorrow), my Internet is officially hooked up here as of this morning, and I've had more time to sit and write each day since the week started, so I still have big plans for March.

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