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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Best Classic Science Fiction (POLL RESULTS)

The results are in!

What is the best science fiction book (or series) written before 1975?

I'm not going to post part two after 9pm on the west coast, so I'll be putting that up tomorrow (and taking advantage of the extra day to do some Covid-19 themed blogging). Stay tuned! 

I was a little surprised at which titles didn't make it, but there were nothing but amazing titles on this poll. You'll see the top four results on our final round.
Text results below

Going on to finals
Dune- F. Herbert 38 20.65%
Earthsea trilogy(the before '75 parts)- U. Le Guin 31 16.85%
A Wrinkle in Time- M. L'Engle 29 15.76%
Foundation Trilogy- I. Asimov 28 15.22%

Get a lovely copy of our home game
Frankenstein- M. Shelley 24 13.04%
Slaughterhouse Five- K. Vonnegut 15 8.15%
The Martian Chronicles- R. Bradbury 12 6.52%
Ringworld- L. Niven 7 3.8%

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