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Monday, March 2, 2020

The Post That Only Kind of Was

If you've been following me here or my public Facebook page or really almost anywhere, you know I've been dealing with some pretty big life stuff these last few weeks, and so the post that would normally be here, isn't going to be here. 

It's GOOD life stuff (a move to my own little place in Richmond, Ca) but it has definitely kept me busy. And away from a proper writing schedule for much longer than I'm comfortable with.

Normally, around this time of month, I would ask you all for money. I've got the same bills as everyone else to pay, including a bay area rent, and so it's because of all of you that I am able to keep writing. There would be an impassioned plea. I would lay out all the benefits. I would probably ask people to GIF party in the comments, and start it with something click baity like "Well this is embarrassing..." to bring in lots of folks who want to find out what I'm talking about. I would tell you Patreon is the best because I can budget with ongoing monthly donations, but one-time donations are always welcome. (And I have Venmo at chris.brecheen@gmail.com and can also be sent snail mail if you PM me for an address.)

Here's the thing though. I hate doing appeals posts after a slow period. I want to drop them after a kick-ass period of one amazing post after another when everyone is thinking "I *HAVE* to keep this guy writing!" It is so difficult for me to pass the hat when I feel like I haven't done anything.

I realize the irony of course. By writing a post about how I'm not going to write a post, I have, in some ways, written an appeals post. (This is a rhetorical device called apophysis, by the way.) For folks who want to support my work (even when it gets a little chaotic, I'm off my regular update schedule, I'm writing a lot in other places, or I'm just needing to skip more days than usual) I want them to know how they can help.

I could always use your support (ongoing or one-time). I don't split wifi, utilities or rent. I have taxes coming (and I pay them as self-employed/freelance––always owe; always a lot) and my expenses have gone up a bit now that I live alone.

Also, breaks like this are due in part to my financial situation.

It's true. I had to do this whole move myself (and with a few angelic friends to help with the heavy stuff). If I could have hired a moving company (or even just six local starving art students), I could have done this whole process in five days instead of two weeks. And that would have given me more time to write. Money isn't everything, but down at my strata of income it is a Swiss-Army-Knife of problem solving. So even though I'm not going to go through the whole process, I will quietly point to the hat and say that if you want to help, it would be more than welcome.

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