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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Limits Have Been Placed

Nice passive construction there. "Limits have been placed."
As if we don't know WHO is the asshole here.

Hi folks,

If you are following WAW somewhere other than Facebook and do not have at least a dollar a month Patreon set up, you might be wondering what happened to us. Rest assured that Covid-19 is disrupting my life as well as anyone's, but we've not gone quiet because of that.

I will cut and paste a post I have been putting up (and adding to as updates occur) from our Facebook page, but the shortest version is that Facebook sent me the notification above on Sunday night, and until this is lifted, there's very little point in posting HERE. (I'm still writing. It's just for other places and for the posts I'll be putting up once we're back on track.)

Copy/Pasta from FB.

[Update 4- (Thursday) Ironically this was probably a good week for this to happen. I'm in the Bay Area and we got a Shelter In Place order that went into effect on Monday. That's basically the next step down from a full quarantine. Only people needing or providing "essential services" are supposed to be out and about. So a lot of people are working from home and really aren't supposed to leave the house to GO anywhere. (You can go out and walk around as long as you stay six feet from anyone you see.)

Now, you might think a working writer would continue on in a situation like this without so much as a hiccup, but I'm experiencing a lot of the the same difficulties transitioning as everyone around me. Difficulty focusing. A mood slump. I feel like I have less time instead of more. Days slide by and I sometimes look up shortly after lunch only to find out that it's after 10PM and I've really gotten nothing done but stress reading a thousand CV-19 articles. Getting ONE thing accomplished is a pretty good day.

Update 3- (Wednesday)- Remember we will be back MONDAY MORNING my time.

Update 2- (Wednesday) I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the Facebook glitch that happened yesterday with various overzealous algorithms. I was down days before that started and the message I got was not related to any specific posts.

Update 1- (Monday) I'm not sure why some of you are still able to see my posts on your feeds. Do you have Writing About Writing set to "See First"?

I'm going to make sure I keep putting news about this as the top post. For reasons I do not understand, SOME of you will see this post in your feed, but the engagement numbers are indeed super low. A really good pun on a page of a million should be making 2k-3k (even after the great throttling of 2018) not less than three figures.]

Apparently nothing I post here will appear on your walls for [FIVE] more days. I do not know what policy FB thinks I have broken, but I'm currently trying to appeal to no avail. I know we all could have used some levity right now, and what a shit time this is to get Zuck'ed, but it is what it is.

For the time being, I'm taking a break from posting here [the Facebook page]. There's no sense putting on the full jazz hands/hairography show to be seen by .00001 percent of my audience. I'll save up all the great memes I'm finding, and post them when my outreach gets turned back on. Hopefully they aren't TOO stale by then.

The blog is still there and I will keep writing. Later today, I'll put out a letter to my Patrons about what to expect in the next five days. My public account and in the "Writing About Writing––Just the Blog" Group are still up and running though each has a different pattern of posting/types of post. I'm also using this opportunity to get started on other projects.

Stay tuned.

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