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Monday, January 11, 2021

A Quick Note From Chris

Hi everyone, 

We had some "interesting times" in our country, and as is always the case when that happens I put aside the pre-planned schedule and did some impromptu political writing about that. You can go see it here if you are interested in that sort of writing.

That took most of Thursday and Friday to write, and put us behind on our admin-fortnight. I know it's weird, but I just don't feel right about posting a revised update to my answer about why I am ambivalent towards NaNoWriMo while my country is having a coup. I'm just funny that way. After a fraught weekend of following the news and writing in bite sized chunks on my Facebook page (as I am prone to do when "interesting times" crop up), I'm taking today as a sort of refocus and recenter day.

Tomorrow you will get a full revision of the entire F.A.Q., which I have been working on for days (with obvious interruption), so the wait should be worth it as those questions tend to be popular and....um....you know.....frequent. 

Thank you for your patience. I wish I could say this is absolutely the last time before Biden takes office that things are going to be so "interesting" that I have to put the regular schedule on hold, but 1) I am already seeing calls for violence in the next ten days, 2) have you SEEN this world? It's ridiculous how often shit goes sideways here. 

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  1. roughly five years ago, i tripped and fell into this alternate universe, perhaps at the behest of the woman who would later become my wife, because she was going to need support through all of this. but where i'm from, lana del ray died, nelson mandela was never in prison but he was under house arrest, the Berenstain Bears were always spelled that way, and 'tyre' means the rubber wheely bit but 'tire' means to get sleepy.

    golf was spelled golph, BP was responsible for a widespread toxic oil spill, and there never was clean water in Flint, MI, in the first place so the absence of clean water in Flint, MI wasn't particularly noteworthy, we just always tried to move as many people out of Flint, MI as humanly possible -- until a hurricane flooded a good deal of southeast america and governments decided to rehouse refugees in Flint, MI w/out telling them about all the heavy metals in the water of Flint, MI.

    australia was on fire all the time but california was flooding, and hillary clinton wasn't even running for president but the financial elite needed 'a sure bet' against bernie sanders, who was appealing to voters across party divides and would have won out against trump in a landslide.

    but i never got to see that election because i wound up here, instead, where there are so many more nazis in america who need punching, i suppose.