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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Best Y.A. Book (or Series) [Last Chance to Nominate or Give Seconds]

What is the best young adult science fiction book (or series)? Come join our conversation.

This is the last call for nominations (or seconds of existing nominations) that will go on our compilation page. Even though I don't normally post anything on Wednesdays, tomorrow I will compile the results. 

Remember there are no more polls. We just have a conversation about some good books. On Friday I will publish two lists: one of "undersung heroes," the books that aren't the best but that you love and want to see more people know about. And the BEST, which will have no ranking other than being listed in order of which got the most seconds.

Keep in mind that even though I am not making it a hard and fast line, or rejecting nominations, there will be another NOTpoll along shortly for dystopian Y.A. since it is such a pronounced genre of its own. It absolutely needs its own category. I know there's a lot of overlap, but Hunger Games or Divergent will have its day.

ALSO please remember to go to the original page to drop your nomination (and familiarize yourself with the rules if you haven't yet). If you put it anywhere else (including a Facebook comment on this post) it will not be counted.

Thank you all for your input. I've really loved reading all your comments about the books you treasure and why.


  1. I always get lost... How do I get back to the original poll? I mean... I want to second stuff...

    1. okay I found it... Strangely the link for the original site was the exact same color as the background so I couldn't see it... There was just a hole in sentence where the words were... but when I highlighted the page I was able to see that there was a link there.

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