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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tuesday Report

Note: I am currently going through some non-trivial medical issues. (Hopefully nothing to worry about long-term, but highly disruptive in the now.) I'm trying hard to work around it, get posts up on time (or at least get the right number of posts up weekly), and especially not take some sort of "medical leave" from blogging, but so much of Writing About Writing happens in Real Time™ that sometimes there is a high pain day or a three-hour doctor's appointment smack in the middle of my productive writing time, and I might miss a post here or there. 

Quick Personal Update-

Other than a LOT of doctor's appointments, things are actually going better than last week. I was on iron supplements that turned out to be causing more of my symptoms than the thing they were intended to treat, and the hematologist had me discontinue them and schedule an infusion instead. That's coming up, so I'm still in the gravity well of all this health crap and it's affecting my writing schedule, but I've felt much better and even got back into some jogging a couple of days ago. 

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

I've got a good post for Friday mostly done, and this week is kind of light on doctor's appointments. (There were a lot of phone call consultations early in the week, but I'm free for now.) The week should go off without a hitch. I would have normally posted on Monday (having changed that from NORMALLY posting on Friday) but things got pretty behind with all the medical stuff last week.

Novel Progress-

Old Crusty 1.0 Draft: 34, 398

Behind the Scenes-

Dug out my camera from one of the move boxes, and I'm pulling off the pictures so that I can give the selfie tier some pics of my hikes this year. If I finish up my writing early this week, I'm going to start on an Early Access post about dialogue for that tier. 


  1. I know you know this, but for the nattering voices in the back of your head that say you have to explain everything or someone is going to smite you - it's okay. Take care of yourself, first and foremost. If you can take us along for the ride, coolness and all, but it's okay either way - just want you taking care of yourself first. Just... breathe.

  2. Everyone who takes Iron pills gets severe constipation