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Monday, January 17, 2022

Ramping Back Up (Brief Cancer Update)

A SUPER quickie today just for folks following close enough to catch every update and Patrons eager to know when I'm going to be fully back into the swing of things. Two weeks ago, I was able to do my first post back after surgery to remove colon cancer. Last week I was able to do two posts. I'm hoping this week I can get out THREE (not including this one since it's really short).  

Physically, I'm doing really well. I recently ran 5 miles, and Saturday I had no problem being on roller coasters. Mentally things are a little more jagged. My concentration was already a little wobbly from Covid, and it's only coming back slowly. There was a LOT of feeling like a pin cushion, getting yanked around, and pain and medical trauma (even though I obviously needed to have that care) and there's a lot more coming in the way of genetic testing, blood testing, anemia recovery, a bone marrow biopsy, and possibly needing chemo. So I am still processing through a lot and trying not to take too much on my plate at once just because nothing is on fire right this second.

I've already written a post about Martin Luther King (and this day) that I think says everything I usually want to say around this time of year.

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