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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Tuesday…er Wednesday Report (Jan 25….um 26, 2022)

Note: I am trying to get back into these weekly report posts on Tuesday for accountability's sake. However, please keep in mind that I am recovering from surgery (and a cancer diagnosis), still have a lot of doctor's appointments coming up (including possibly chemotherapy), and am kind of getting back into the swing of things as quickly as my mental recovery will allow.

Quick Personal Update-

I have a round of post-surgery follow ups, an iron infusion and a consultation with a hepatologist this week. The four year old is also out of preschool at LEAST until February, which has about doubled my childcare hours. There's some personal stuff going on that I would probably be better able to deal with if I weren't on such a razors edge of stress in so many other places in my life. 

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

Obviously moving this post is one adjustment. And I might not be able to get more than some fluff moving this week. I've also got a good post for Friday mostly done but I think it's going to be NEXT Friday. I was actually going to take this week off (I have a friend coming into town), but it crept up on me and I don't just want to disappear without announcing it.

Novel Progress-

It might be a week or two before enough systems power back online to support large project fiction writing.

Behind the Scenes-

Just trying to keep the bare minimum going, but I might have some pictures from a hike or something from the visit.

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