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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Half Way Done

"Redonkulous" is totes a word.
Totes magotes!
The summer school I teach isn't "real."

Actually, none of the teaching I do is "real" because real teaching involves horrible amounts of terror that cause you to age AS your face melts off like some horrible cross between Raiders of the Lost Arc and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (wherein aging would be the effect of helicopter parents and face melting would be the effect of bureaucracy. Every time one of my students tells me they've learned more from me than a real teacher and I should get credentialed and become official, I laugh. Well...I laugh at the moment (so hard I sometimes pop an aneurysm) but then I cloud over once the student leaves and I stumble through the rest of the day with that haunted look on my face, and wake up for the next week in a twisted knot of sweat-soaked sheets screaming about faculty meetings.

But...um....perhaps that is a rant for another time.

My fake teaching for College for Kids is actually two sessions of three weeks each. Last Thursday, I finished up the first session. So today I'm going to get a whole new batch of kids and do the whole thing again. Since all three periods are the same class (with only some minor variations for grade level), by the end of summer, I've done my whole dog and pony show six times.

Last year by the half way point, I was just figuring out the hang of things. This year, with the baby and everything, I'm half out of my mind.

Half way. I'm half way done. Once I finish I can get back to focusing on my writing, put out some higher quality articles (including that fiction I've been threatening to do more of) catch up with the other blogs I write for. Honestly I would put the blog on hiatus for these six weeks to try and save my sanity, but I am both a slave to my numbers and I would feel horrible about letting down The Patron Muses, even temporarily.  So just a few more weeks of this.

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