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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Updates Coming

So as sometimes happens when I'm running my thrusters WAY too hot, I slowed down (for the Project Sanity/4th of July thing) and immediately got sick.

It's actually kind of a frequent thing for me. I think as soon as I stop surviving on the stress of my own self-imposed deadlines and crazy 80+ hour weeks, my white blood cell count tanks and I pick up some little bug. At least that's my theory. I almost never get sick when I'm doing my normal 50 hour weeks.

It doesn't help to have a seven month old in the house. He's no longer on his mother's immunity plan, and has become a little petri dish. I swear his nose is just constantly runny.

Fortunately this time, it's only a mild cold. Enough to make my brain mush and keep me from good posts, but not enough to really lay me out. So I've done some writing just to keep up with my daily workout, and been a shlub about the blog stuff.

Something real should be up soon.

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