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Saturday, September 27, 2014

See You On The Flip Side

Despite the fact that I just got through declaring that I would post something every day, I'm about to close up shop for the weekend. But just this weekend.

You see, Monday is womb liberation day. (Viva la Resistance!) Many solar revolutions ago–in an auspicious year for nerds, for it is when Dungeons and Dragons and Tom Baker arrived on the scene–I began a little journey. You've probably been paying more attention to Jewel, Kate Moss, and Christian Bale, and I don't blame you really, but a few of my friends (who don't actually know Jewel, Kate Moss, or Christian Bale) have decided that there must be shenanigans.

  • Tonight we are going to see Garfunkel and Oates in San Francisco.
  • Tomorrow I have been assured by the criminal duo of Dim and Sum that I may not get much crime fighting done, but I will be thoroughly satisfied. (My mind reels.)
  • Supportive Girlfriend has found some superhero sauna thing where their "Stress Technicians" can even deal with people who are elastic or turn into rock. So that should be cool.
  • (You'll notice there's a tragic lack of groupie threesomes in this itinerary, so if you hurry, I might be able to pencil you in.)
The point being, I'm going to be getting my natal felicitations on, spending some time with some fiction I really want to get a draft of started, fixing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff (menus and old entries that OG has pointed out have errors) and returning on Tuesday for some more Writing About Writing.

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