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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Reorg You Couldn't Care Less About

If you've been following Writing About Writing for a while, you know that we've struggled over the last year to find an update schedule that works.

I'm not sure exactly what it was that happened a year ago that...

(From the next room.) "I AM NOT!"

Oh yeah. That's right. Slight minor life adjustment.

Unfortunately weekly updates are causing a lot of grief. Because so much of the posting schedule is "locked in," it means that there isn't much room to get all the other things we have planned written up. Our brief flirtation with two posts a day drove us to the brink of a psychotic break.  (Seriously, Ima Lister popped an embolism from stress.) Days were filled with scrambling to get not one, but two posts up, leaving no time at all for fiction and precious little time to read. Perhaps worst of all, our readers (some of W.A.W.'s most die hard fans) couldn't keep up.

No, that simply won't do.

I can count on one hand (even after having an encounter with a thresher go horribly wrong) the number of people who actually pay attention to our update schedule and also aren't me. I'm the only person around here who ever flips the table if we don't get a "major" article up on a Wednesday or if the Mailbox for the week sneaks up on a Saturday. But for the sake of posterity...

The main change you can expect from here on out is that there will be one update a day. Every day. Even if I'm cleaning an old post or straightening up a menu or redoing one of the tabs at the top of the screen, that's all I'll be doing. I will also do a post every day, even on the weekends. (This doesn't account for sickness or baby emergencies, but I'll try to keep up with it.) Content is still king.

Writing About Writing will be shifting to a two week rotation. It will give us the chance to finish some of the articles we just weren't getting around to while locked into a one-week rotation, which sadly, includes some of the more zany and goofball stuff I've enjoyed writing.

Monday will still be a personal update, but only every other week. (Seriously, not that much happens in my life for a weekly update. This is for the best.) On the alternate weeks I will work in writing prompts or link dumps.

Wednesday will continue to be a day I try to get up a major update, but every other week I'm going to hand the floor over to one of our guest bloggers who've been coasting by on good will for far too long. I'm also going to try to commit to letting no more than a month go by on serial posts (like Skyrim or Starting Your own Blog) before I write the next installment.

Fridays will continue to be the Mailbox days, but I'm going to make sure that every other week (at least) is dedicated to writing. I know the question about my personal life always do a little better–especially the hate mail–but I'll make at least half an effort to stay on point.

Sundays I will continue to post fiction (with the caveat that, as the most time intensive posts, they are most likely to succumb to the forces of my week and be missing). My current serial post of fiction should be up at least every other week, interspersed with other fiction and or well-needed breaks.

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday will continue to be "light days" when poll descriptions, poll results or end of the month posts go up along with any meta information that might be going on.

Saturdays will involve cleaning up an existing post. Every other week will be a revision of an old article and the alternate week will be cleaning up a tab at the top of the screen or an existing menu.

Tuesday and Thursdays may have a lot of fluff, if for no other reason than I can't crank out full articles day after day without my eyeball twitching and becoming addicted to crack, but I also want to attempt to engage in my old shenanigans at least once a week. Not just goofy plot posts with evil bloggers and crazed cephalopods either, but also book reviews, product reviews and more. I'll try to get at least ONE good review up every fortnight.

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