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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reading Rainbow Swag

Several months ago I did a special Reading Rainbow Promotion here at Writing About Writing, and you all came through with more donations than I've seen before or since. As I was donating 1/3 of everything (rather than my usual 10%), we managed to pull in over a little over a hundred dollars.

Like many full fledged Kickstarters, Reading Rainbow had some rewards depending on the donation amount. Since we didn't raise THAT much, I was stuck with t-shirts and tote bags instead of Twitter shout outs (to W.A.W. of course) and fine dining with Levar. Mores the pity.

Regardless, this is really YOUR swag, (and believe me, I would time share that coffee mug if the logistics were feasible) so I figured you would at least like to see a triumphant picture. Thank you all so much again for making such a donation possible. And remember that we were matched by two other donors, so it was really over $300.

Please ignore the mess of The Contrarian's psychic development toys,
the Christmas tree table that I really need to put away, and the cat who clearly thinks I'm insane.

I think there's still a signed picture coming, if I filled out the form correctly. Which, with my two-volt brain, it is entirely possible that I did not.

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  1. Heehee. I have one of those annoying talking dogs too. Freaks me out when he randomly starts talking when no one is even near him.