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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Coming Storm

The entire Hall of Rectitude has been called away to a major disaster in New Zealand. I can't get into deets because it's one of those "unsuspecting public" things, but it's a big deal. Unfortunately the budget is a little shoestring, so "No Sidekicks" was a non negotiable point. So The Contrarian gets to go to fricken New Zealand, but not me. Typical.

The Emeryville comitatus is going to be pulling on-call doubles to patrol the Temescal and I'm on spotter detail. It's your usual Chris-does-all-the-actual-patrols, "Just call us; do not engage," bullshit. Typical.

Anyway, silver lining to this shit smorgasbord is that without Contrarian-watching shifts and in a house that will stay clean for a damned minute, I'm going to be able to get a lot of writing done. I've got big plans for the next two weeks including wrapping up some fiction, at both the whimsical and effort-heavy writing level. The next parts in a handful of long-neglected series including the glossary and our latest series post about starting your own blog. Plus there are at least two posts coming that I think are going to be pretty good. And don't worry; I haven't forgotten that I'm a Social Justice Bard.

Also....I'm going to do something I just can't do with a one year old running around the house. There just hasn't been time. Because I love you guys... Because Part 1 and 2 were so popular.... Because it's been almost two years....

I'm going to play Skyrim until my eyeballs fricken bleed. I'm doing this so I can finish the article I started like three years ago, but before I write it, I'll have to play the ever loving SHIT out of that game. I will do this for you. For the blog. For the BLOG. For the BLOG!!!  FOR THE BLOG!!!!!

And if you for some reason don't know what that's from....go to 40 seconds in.

And yes, I do need stalkers.

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