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Monday, June 8, 2015

Best World Building (Nominations Needed)

What is the best world building (series or book)?  

A lot of books and series involve amazing world building. The setting is fleshed out and immersive. Which world building is the best though?

Come help form our June poll with your reader-based nominations.

The Rules

1- As always, I leave the niggling to your best judgement because I'd rather be inclusive. If you don't think that urban fantasy is really "building" a world since it's just adding a little bit of magic to what's already there, you don't have to nominate such a book, but if you do, that's okay too. Worlds can be our world with a few subtle differences, distant galaxies, or entirely imaginary fantastic realms.

2- You may nominate two (2) worlds. Remember that I am a horrid despotic power hungry beast who hates all life and free will here at Writing About Writing. To encourage reading and reading comprehension I will NOT take any worlds beyond the second.

3- You may (and should) second as many nominations of others as you wish. No book/movie combo will be going on to our poll that doesn't get at least one second.

4- Please put your nominations here. I will take books nominated as comments to this post on other social media; however, they may not get the seconds you need because no one will see them. (Seriously, last month there were lots of great FB nominations that no one saw or seconded.)

5- You are nominating WORLDS, not authors. While everyone will know what you probably meant if you say JK Rowling, many authors have created more than one world, and it may not be clear. (Did you mean Phase/Proton or Xanth when you nominated Piers Anthony?) This also means both of your nominations can be from the same world.

6- As a power hungry dictator, I will be adding Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go to the list.

It's already June 8th, so this poll is going to go FAST. Get your nominations up (and others seconded) in the next week!


  1. 1. Bas-Lag - Setting of some of China Mieville's novels
    2. Revelation Space - Setting Alastair Reynolds novels and shorts are set in, named after the first novel.

  2. Newford from Charles de Lint novels / stories.

  3. 1. Serendair (Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Hayden)
    2. Terre D'Ange (Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey)

    --CM Scott

  4. 1. Newford from Charles de Lint works
    2. Deverry from Katharine Kerr works
    3. The Empire of Ferryth from Barbara Hambly works
    Juliet Laws

  5. Dragaera from Steven Brust
    Victorian Steampunk alternative history (no known name) from Gail Carriger

  6. Seconds "Discworld" and nominates "Known Space Universe" by Larry Niven.

  7. I really like what Brandon Sanderson is doing with his world in The Stormlight Archives.
    And on the hard SF side Larry Niven quite literally built a world and then took it through its paces in the Ringworld books.

  8. Newford and Westeros for me

  9. The Alt-history Magical England of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

  10. - the world of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels
    the many worlds in the universe of Peter F. Hamilton's Reality Dysfunction

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    2. Seconding Anne Bishop's Black Jewels. (sorry about the deletion)

  11. 1. The world of The Dresden Files. 2. The world of the Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon books.

  12. 1) Ann McCaffrey's P.E.R.N.
    2) Brian Lumley's Vampire World

  13. The worlds of "The Dispossessed" by Ursula le Guin.

  14. Nominating Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

  15. In addition to seconding MZB's Darkover, I've got to nominate Margaret Atwood's Republic of Gilead in "The Handmaid's Tale"

  16. In addition to seconding MZB's Darkover, I've got to nominate Margaret Atwood's Republic of Gilead in "The Handmaid's Tale"

  17. Gene Wolfe's New Sun
    Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy

  18. 1. Harry Turtledove's Home, from Homeward Bound

    2. This Side, from Joel Rosenburg's Guardians of the Flame series

    both not really major blockbuster works, per se, but I always found both worlds are very intriguing and worth looking at