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Monday, June 15, 2015

Nominations Need: Best World Building

What is the best World Building in fiction?

Just a couple of days left, and our "Best World Building" poll needs your nominations, but more than anything we need more of the nominated worlds to be seconded. While I might do a protracted poll with lots of quarterfinals and semifinals and grudge match face offs, if a reasonable, poll sized number of worlds have secured two seconds (thirds?) or even three seconds (fourths?), I will cull the list instead, so it's up to you to second everything you think deserves a shot at slugging it out on the official poll.

Please please please go to the original post to make a nomination, so that when I compile the poll, everything is all in one place.

Otherwise not only are you less likely to get the needed "seconds," but you might also make me think you hate me.

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