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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Uriel Petrovitch (F.F.O. LARP)

Uriel Petrovitch-2125
It’s all gone wrong. And you made it all  happen.  

While on paper you’re the ambassador from the ERU - the Euro-Russian Union - to the UN, for many years your ability to influence events has gone far beyond that granted by your title. Since the early days of the war, you’ve been the primary conduit for information flow between the US leadership and the ERU heads of state - which, given how good you are at subtle manipulation, has meant you were able to lead those leaders around by the nose. The ERU supported the war fundamentally because you told them to - and with the ERU and US in line, the rest of the world fell into place.

Your goal has always been a return to the status quo. The arrangement was beautiful; gloriously symmetric. The androids need direction - without it they flounder. People - humans - need resources from the moon; Helium3 was really the only way to solve the energy crisis without a dramatic decline in quality of life. The lunar environment is harmful to humans, but fine for androids, who need a place to live anyway - they clearly can’t live on Earth. So having the androids run the lunar mines was clearly the right solution. It was so obvious.

Only they didn’t see it that way.

So the war began; you let the Americans start things off, convinced that the androids would buckle under and get things back to the way they should be. Even after the blockade locked them on the moon and prevented them from getting the Earth resources they need for sustainability. Clearly they should have capitulated and gotten the refineries back up and running.

Only they didn’t see it that way.

(Honestly, you think the android’s reputation as logical beings is a bit overrated.)

Still, you chose to let it continue. At first you chose out of hope that things would turn out right. Then you chose because, if you admit it, you wanted to to teach them a lesson, to punish them for stepping out of their correct place in the world. And, finally, as the androids stood firm under your assaults, exceeding all expectation, you chose out of fear, fear of what lurked behind those defenses, behind those cold alien eyes...

Of course, it wasn’t all your fault. Just as you were shading the truth you sent home, the Americans misled you. That’s how the game is played.

And now the sky is falling. Literally.

You left your wife and kids after the Lunar Fissure and have spent the last seven days in a haze of sex and drugs. But eventually you were found by US agents, and are now en route to some meeting that you clearly have no choice about attending. You’ve sobered up and you have to admit your own curiosity. What could be going on here that is so important at this point?

Uriel Skills and Contacts

In the know: Your work with an extensive network of spies. Once per scene you may petition a storyteller to know a lot about a specific event or topic. This will not convey a skill set to your or knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise understand. (You might have intel on Helium 3 production, but you wouldn’t know how to build a reactor.) The ST will give you a good deal of information. While this can be used on another character or a plot point, it will only reveal what “a deep network of informed contacts” may already know. It cannot reveal character secrets, things that have just happened, or anyone’s feelings.

Wide Ranging Contacts: Once per scene you can arrange for something that a powerful web of contacts would be able to provide. This can be anything from researching information to the delivery of a basic object to doing you a small favor. Most use of contacts will take a few minutes--longer if the task is harder.

Imari Kothari is a like minded individual.  They do not care for Androids, but they still defend them for being marginalized like so many humans before. It's all a bunch of "equality crap" that Yanks and the Western Europeans don't realize are completely impractical. Though you don’t always agree on details you would call them an ally.
Wong Salih is an ally who has worked with you from the religious standpoint that genocide of the androids is wrong. Sending the androids  to the moon was always a better option than taking them out. Still, you have a sense that they are more sympathetic to Androids than they really let on.
Dr Tohru Nakamura is a necessary evil.  Nakamura’s apparent obsession for androids is repulsive, but their expertise is needed to find the weaknesses to bring them low, if not take them out.
Boipelo Anderson is not someone you know on a personal level.  However, you’ve know that they will always lobby for the path quickest to war. A useful pawn if ever there were one.

Defining Characteristics
Strength: Calculating
Weakness: Hesitant

Uriel Petrovitch-2120
You may just be the most important man in the world.

Of course, nobody else knows that. If they did, it would no longer be true. You stand at the fulcrum of the world, and you have the longest lever. The masses you will move are the two titans, the US and the ERU. The lever is information. The report you bring back to the ERU will determine whether they move towards peace or war, and you know that without the ERU at their back, the US doesn’t have the will to fight a prolonged campaign alone.

Your beginnings were humble. You grew up in Russia, the largest country in the ERU but one of the most turbulent. You lost friends and family to the chaos of those times, and yearned to set things right - to see a return to order. That quest for order, for stability, has been the motive force that has led you to this point..

Androids, on Earth, were a major force against order. They stir things up; they’re just too different from real people. Androids in a human nation are like fleas on a dog; they are an irritant, and the country itches, does not sit easy. Too many fleas will drive a dog mad, you know.

No. Exile is the only solution. There’s no avoiding that. And if we want to head off an energy crisis, we’ll need the androids on the moon to keep shipping us Helium 3 for our fusion reactors. Luckily they won’t be able to build new electronic parts without trace minerals that aren’t found on the moon, so there’s scope to set up trade. The androids can't rebel. It’s in everyone’s best interest. And if the androids don’t see that, well, a bit of military action is a powerful negotiating tool.

It’s not that you dislike the androids; they just aren’t your people. Hell, they’re arguably not people at all.

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