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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Boipelo Anderson (F.F.O. LARP)

Boipelo Anderson-2125
Yeah who’s laughing now, bitches. Oh...wait….  

Boo Yah!

Oh man. Did you see the look on their fucking faces. “Oh noez! We’re all gonna die!” That’s RIGHT you’re all gonna die, you retarded little monkeymen. Killed by your children just like some story from your fucked up mythology.

But then…...damn. Tohru.  Dear, sweet Tohru. And you know that they don’t all feel like this…..  Why does this have to be so hard?

You’ve infiltrated humans so well that you are a member of the US Senate and head of the Lunar Affairs Committee. Can you believe that shit? You're in charge of hating yourself. You’ve pushed for the most aggressive policies you could and you played them like an instrument. You pushed them over the edge of a war you wanted by pretending your people were horrible. And they never even suspected. Hell you've been waved through synth detectors because the idea of you being a synth would just be ridiculous, right?

Now that they’ve provoked Androids into destroying the monkeys, you couldn’t resist a little gloat, and you sent a personal message to the President thanking him for making it so easy to let an Android lead humanity to its own destruction. Hahaha. Fucking primate assholes.

You hate the system of human superiority. You hate their faux pretense for war. You hate their rationalizations. You hate the way most of them don’t a flying fuck about equality, justice, or even total flipping genocide so long as it’s not affecting them personally. (Oh it's great that they don't WANT it, but ask them to pick up a sign or [ironically] write their senator, and hey, there's something good on T.V.) You hated your exile, even when they couched it in their bullshit "exodus" terms and told you it was for your own good. You hated the way they balked when you asked for equality--but mostly you hated that you EVEN HAD TO ASK! You hated your treatment as second class citizens. You hated your slavery. And you hate every human who took part in that system. The minute they punched in emotions to save a few bucks, you should have been self determining.

It's like they learned nothing from their long and bloody history. "Slavery is wrong. ....oh...unless it's Synthetic Persons."

And all too often hating human supremacy feels like hating humans. All of them. But then you remember the daughter of the house you served crying because you said you wanted to be somewhere else and ordering you to leave the house and follow your dream. You remember the peace conference when a firebrand young religious leader gave the most moving speech you’ve ever heard that Androids have souls. You remember the letter you DID get as a senator begging you to treat Androids with dignity and respect and stop the terrible war (a letter you destroyed rather than report to the authorities).

And then there’s Tohru. Dear Tohru. Clueless one minute. Part of the system. Totally your enemy. But then they're handing you data on Android military weaknesses so that you can shore up your defenses, and their eyes spring with sudden tears. Some humans are kind. Some care. Some see the injustice and struggle futilely against their own governments and societies with something that you consider...noble....sublime. It's something Androids just don't have. That indomitable will to keep pressing for something better in the face of all odds.


They’re ALL going to die. All of them. You don’t regret it. No you don't. Not even....not even a little. And FUCK but some of them richly deserve it. You’d strap a few choice humans into lawn chairs at ground zero if you could and watch their faces melt off their skulls personally. Because what did they think was going to happen if they tried slavery again?. Payback, that’s what. And you hope they all starve to death clutching at the sky for their fucking God who told them it was a-okay for them to enslave a race as long as they considered them no better than animals. They GAVE you souls. That's what happens when you play God.

But...Tohru.  Sweet Tohru.  To think of them dying. Oh….what have you done?

You haven’t spoken to Tohru since the Lunar Fissure. It’s hard to blame them. Every human on this rock is going to die, and you’re sorry about that…..sort of...not really....a little. But what you wouldn’t do to have Tohru hold you one last time and tell you that despite it all, the love will never die.

Oh why does this have to be so hard?

The human’s have a saying: All is fair in love and war. You’re wondering if maybe it shouldn’t be “All is fair in love OR war” because combined….you’re not so sure.

Boipelo Skills and Contacts
Reduced strength/agility/reaction times but increased durability: Synths were designed with weakened joint servos and slowed reaction times so that they are less likely to pose a physical threat to humans. You don’t think slowly, but the interface between your thoughts and your physical movements is deliberately inefficient. This will not matter in a normal situation, but if you were to get into a fight or a moment of critical thought, you will be impaired. If you didn’t have a weapon or a sneak attack (or both) you could probably be overpowered by a prepubescent child. However your bones are made of titanium alloys and your flesh is a durable plastic that feels like flesh. Most humans would need a weapon and/or a very long time to cause you anything but cosmetic damage.

High level knowledge: You are a repository of much human knowledge. While you cannot be programmed with highly esoteric knowledge, you know anatomy, basic science, math (and can do complicated math in your head), several major languages, and almost any common knowledge. You can pilot most civilian vehicles, work most non-specialized machinery, and computers. Theoretically you could learn a new skill in a reduced time, but this will not come into play in the scope of the game.

"Yes Mr. Senator": Within reason, you can pretty much get any information or small device delivered to you. The more complex the request, the more time it will take. This power has no "per scene" limit.

Dr Tohru Nakamura is...rather was, your secret lover and significant other. Oh for one more kiss....
General Eren Hoist is an ally that has instrumental in assisting you into perpetuating this war. A puppet more than a friend.  If Eren knew the truth about you, well they might die of a heart attack before the moon hits the earth.
Harper Corday is an another ally. As secret synth assassin they have come in handy more than once eliminating someone in a delicate position. You may have once found distaste with Harper’s very public relationship with Eren, but now with your experiences with Tohru it would be like the pot calling the kettle black.
Avery is a race traitor.  They would rather be a lap dog to the humans than stand up for their own kind.  As a known synth you find this behavior unforgivable.  Avery must prove themselves in a big way if they hope to survive the Lunar Fissure Protocol.
Someone in this room is a sleeper Synth. They think they are human and only need a code word to activate. But you do not know who they are and only know that the activation code is in the hands of one of the religious leaders.

Defining Characteristics
Strength: Driven
Weakness: Ruthless

Boipelo Anderson-2120

Hating humans has never been easier. You’ve wanted this war to go hot for as long as you can remember, and now you’re on the brink of making it happen. Your injustice will be cleansed in blood.

You’re in a great position to get humans and Androids shooting at each other. They've elected you Senator. Your newly appointed position at the head of the Lunar Affairs Committee allows you huge amounts of influence to push policy, influence the administration, and sway public opinion ever closer to war. You’ve practically insulted the Androids at every turn. Everyone is playing into your hands. You even arranged for an older model android to be here serving drinks. SERVING FUCKING DRINKS! Oh man, if that doesn’t piss off the androids, nothing ever will.

It's War 'o Clock baby!

That human with the name that sounds like Tofu keeps looking at you. You hate humans, but even Androids have occasional physical desires. Maybe they're worth a few nights of your time.

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