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Monday, June 8, 2015

Wong Salih (F.F.O. LARP)

Wong Salih-2125
I dance on the head of a needle not for my own sake, human, but for yours. By the way, Wong is my family name you Eurocentric tool.   

For nearly a decade you have represented a loose affiliation of eastern religions, pacifist Christians, Jews, Muslims, and socially conscious atheists, as well as few others here and there. Mostly what you all have in common is the belief that the war on synthetic people is wrong. You’ve done a lot to form coalitions, convince people, drive the dialogue, and work to raise awareness. If only a hegemonic world power that seemed bent on war wasn’t at the wheel of Earth’s military decisions, you’re just sure that you could change the timber of the entire discourse.

Even those reprehensible jerks at the EU want an apartheid rather than a genocide.

As a secret synth you recommended, in fact begged, to wait on the Lunar Fissure Protocol. You were convinced humans just needed time to get their shit together. It's tough to convince people of your personhood when they're fighting a war against you. If only they knew that you weren’t ever going to be some backwater people who just didn’t have the ambition to not roll over and die. If they had known how hard you would fight, maybe they would do some things differently.

You won’t die from the impact--not unless you were squished. (You won’t be. Impact is going to happen in the Indian Ocean.) Even the fireball would only melt your flesh off--painful but not fatal. And you will not starve to death like most humans who somehow survive the initial impact and atmospheric disturbance. But you will have to watch humanity (and most life larger than ten kilograms) wink out like some lost exhibit in a museum. You will have to sit among their bones until a landing party finally finds you and takes you back to the moon. There you will have to justify your call for respectability politics in the wake of your people's genocide. It’s like watching your sibling kill your parents, and imagining that your children will know humanity--your progenitors--only in a history book.

Turn the page.

You are being escorted to a top level meeting where your attendance has very clearly been deemed non-optional. You don’t know much except that it is some kind of “heavy hitters” meeting.

However, you felt that you owed your followers the truth about their leader. Prior to heading to this meeting, you recorded a brief statement and set it to post across dozens of internet media saying that you have always been a synth, and that you tried very hard to save humanity from itself. You hope that if there is some small pocket of humanity that survives, you beg them to surrender. To lay down their arms and try to come to a peace accord with Androids. That is the ONLY way for humanity to survive this chapter. Androids will not simply stop otherwise. Once pockets of humanity are free from the influence of Earth's war-mongering governments, it might be possible that Androids will consider their pleas. But please don’t attempt any armed resistance. It will just seal humanity’s doom.

Now….let’s find out what this meeting is all about.

Salih Skills and Contacts

Reduced strength/agility/reaction times but increased durability: Synths were designed with weakened joint servos and slowed reaction times so that they are less likely to pose a physical threat to humans. You don’t think slowly, but the interface between your thoughts and your physical movements is deliberately inefficient. This will not matter in a normal situation, but if you were to get into a fight or a moment of critical thought, you will be impaired. If you didn’t have a weapon or a sneak attack (or both) you could probably be overpowered by a prepubescent child. However your bones are made of titanium alloys and your flesh is a durable plastic that feels like flesh. Most humans would need a weapon and/or a very long time to cause you anything but cosmetic damage.

High level knowledge: You are a repository of much human knowledge. While you cannot be programmed with highly esoteric knowledge, you know anatomy, basic science, math (and can do complicated math in your head), several major languages, and almost any common knowledge. You can pilot most civilian vehicles, work most non-specialized machinery, and computers. Theoretically you could learn a new skill in a reduced time, but this will not come into play in the scope of the game.

I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t: You are much more emotional than most other Androids. You lack most Android’s immunity to superfluous logic. However, in matters of your beliefs (faith) logic or lack of logic will not sway you.

Stage Presence: You are a capable public speaker and a passionate orator. In any performance type moment, you may use this ability to let everyone you’re addressing know that you are witty, debonaire, and did not say “um” as much as you actually just did.

Imari Kothari is another religious leader that leans toward your thinking, thankfully, but they are way too angry to every really bring humans around. Imari has always been against this war, but in a way that hurts more than it helps. A good friend and ally in this futile quest for peace, but too angry.
Uriel Petrovich  is a like minded individual.  They do not care for androids, but they do not want a genocidal war.  Uriel always wanted to segregate the androids and was a strong voice in sending them to the moon.  Though that bothered you greatly, you would still call him an ally, if not friend.
Harper Corday is Uriel’s attache. And unbeknownst to Uriel, Harper  is secret synth and assassin who is in love with and carrying out a very public relationship with General Hoist. You find synth/human relations of that sort repugnant and almost incestual. Also the fact that Harper is a murderer; it’s two black marks on them. They are not to be trusted.
UNKNOWN SLEEPER Somewhere in this room is an Android who thinks they’re a human. You don’t know who it is, but you have their activation code. “Alpha Matrix 30215 Execute” This code can be given privately or shouted, but there’s no way to work it into a conversation casually. You also don’t know what it might do to them. Probably best to try and figure out who it is first unless you're in dire straights. But one more Android on your side might become crucial.

Defining Characteristics
Strength: Compassionate
Weakness: Naive

Wong Salih-2120

You’ve got the feeling that the wind is blowing towards war, but you’re going to keep trying to find the way through to peace. You have spent half a decade now trying to martial allies and change the direction of the discourse. It’s worked--everywhere but with the U.S. administration. Unfortunately they’re the jerks running the show.

You wish Imari wasn't here. Their firebrand talk does more harm than good in trying to sway people who might otherwise care.

You’re not going to give up on humans. Most of them don't want your destruction. They’re just not like you in their political process. If Androids are doing something, you can pretty much count on the fact that it’s because most Androids think it’s a good idea. Your political process is data driven, and you have the ability to debate things at the social level in minutes. Humans aren’t like that. If 9 people hate an idea, but one person with a gun likes it, that’s what ends up happening. You’re not sure most Androids really understand this. It’s possible that those 9 people can be given more voice, more power, more say.

You’ve got to keep working towards peace, even if this conference is pretty well a sham. Maybe you can plant the seeds of ideas into a few.

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