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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Real Post

There's not going to be a post today (other than this).

There are a lot of reasons why, and several of them are none of my business to share with the whole world.

Many apologies. One of the downsides of trying to update every day is that you (the reader) get to see EVERY time life really gets in the way, whether I'm sick or childcare falls through or I just drop the ball because I'm having a shitfully shit day. Which I think is good for new writers who think that writers are always paragons of productivity or that no one who ever made money writing spent a day staring at a blank screen thinking, "Nope. This is just not going to happen today." Sometimes a writer just has to write "twice as hard tomorrow." Them's the breaks.

I write every day, but blogging or writing something that isn't just an emotional splat on the page isn't always something my brain can handle.

Tomorrow I will be posting the results of our first semifinal round of best world building and getting up round 2.


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