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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Casting Notes/ In Game Notes (F.F.O. LARP)

For anyone who might consider running this LARP, here are the notes I took for casting. Alisha did an awesome job casting for me while I did the pregame announcements. She came up with a wonderful questionnaire that included what type of character (politician, military, religious, other) and whether or not romance was okay.

Avery- Very diplomatic role

General Mishka Valenz- A pivotal character in determining what will change. Their loyalty could make or break a war.

General Eren Hoist-  Commander of Earth forces. This guy has a gun, so make sure the player is not the type to use a gun just because they have it.

**Reese Domino- (Synth infiltrator) REDICULOUSLY POWERFUL. Assign with great care to a player you trust.

**Dr. Casey El Amin- Will need to be played by someone who can digest an extra page of “The Rules of the Message in a Bottle” and probably bullshit science babble on the fly.

Dr. Tohru Nakamura- Another vital character as even synths will be limited in the message they can send themselves if they do not visit Tohru

Kai- Self motivated player

*Reverend Paris Atonia- Don't give this one to someone who would have a hard time role playing a bigot.

*Imari- Someone who is at least passingly familiar with social justice is important

*Salih - (Synth Infiltrator) Has a very difficult character arc (and also is the only character with Valentine's activation code). Give to a player who likes a challenge.

Boipelo (Synth Infiltrator) - Incredibly powerful character with a lot of ability to change the direction of the LARP's fate. But also deeply anti-human.

Dakota Langton- Someone who is good kicking off the "Why we're all here" part of the LARP and speaking in front of everyone early on.

Harper- This is a very "romantic plot arc heavy" character and may end up being paired in a same-sex relationship, so check with the player first if that's okay.

Uriel Petrovitch- Uriel has a lot of power but can be a little dry "on camera," so finding someone good at generating their own drama will help.

Valentine - A difficult character who should be given to someone who is good at coming up with their own goals and pursuing them

* We will want people who have some knowledge of religion--enough to roleplay.

In-game notes

There are very few plot points in this LARP, so I'm not going to make this its own section.

Note: The timing is actually very important to the tension of the LARP. They don't have a lot of time. After pregame and breaks are factored in, you will run about 5 1/2 hours anyway, so there's really nowhere to add time anyway in most convention settings.

Scene 1- EXACTLY 90 minutes

Keep a clock visible. (I used my iPad.)  Announce time remaining at 90 min, 60 min, 30 min, 15 min 10 min, 5, 4, 3, 2 and then countdown.  Have everyone freeze at 5 seconds and remember their position and their thoughts and their feelings.

At 20 minutes have the wormhole generator fire up outside the room. At 10 minutes have the tachyon particle stream generate a wormhole that only Androids can see.


Scene 2- EXACTLY 120 minutes

Scene two's "timing" comes in waves from the future time. The Androids get their messages. Humans get. Emotions. Then thoughts. Then an exact impression of the horror they were facing. Then, at about an hour, it starts to die down, and they can extrapolate how much longer they might have.

At five minutes they begin to hear the countdown from the future sounding like it's coming to them through a long tunnel.

[At the end of part 2 interview each player to see how they did with their weakness and how they might have changed their fate.]

Denouement- Assemble players in the exact positions they were in before. Announce the results of trying to stop the sky fissure. Let them role play a few more minutes. The memories of their changes will "seep" into their minds as both time lines exist in their memories.  Then call game.


  1. Are you planning to post the questionnaire as well?

    1. There might be a picture around here somewhere of it.....

  2. To clarify, the first scene takes place in the present, in destroyed New York. Then scene two is the peace conference five years in the past? Or something else? I'm confused