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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Best Dystopia (Semifinal Round 2)

What is the best Dystopia in fiction?   

Our November poll goes on. With fifteen nominations, we had to do some semifinal polls to find out which dystopias will be going on to the final round.

Our second semifinal poll results will go up next Wednesday (as well as the final poll).  That means that everyone who votes early will get to vote "often" since Polldaddy can only store the IP of your voting location for one week.

Everyone will get four votes (3). The top four names will go on to the finals. Before you simply vote for your favorite four, consider that, as there is no ranking of those four votes; each vote beyond one dilutes the power of your choices a little more. So if you have a genuine favorite–or pair of favorites–it's better to use as few votes as possible.

The poll itself is on the left side, at the bottom of the side menus.


  1. Is this listing Brave New World as Heinlein? Because... Huxley.

    1. Yeah, that should be fixed now. I'm pretty sure it was my fault.

  2. If only a post-nuke conflict world was as benign as Alas, Babylon's