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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Like a Chicken With My Head Cut Off (Personal VLOG)

Got in last night at 1am.

Dealt with shit until 3am.

Woke up (way too early) to discover that my wallet was missing (perhaps left on the plane).

Can't cancel half the cards without the card number to get through their stupid fucking electronic mazes, so I need to go dig up statements.

Dealing with personal stress–on top of this.

Got kid for an extra unscheduled extra hour on top of the usual scheduled "several."

I was really hoping to do a VLOG for today, but it's going to have to wait. I'll hit the highlight reel here instead.

  • There's a lot of new material sitting on my hard drive from the two days I was on a train with nothing to do but write, and I'll get it posted in the coming week or two, but much of it needs a spit shine at least or an hour or two to finish. I am desperately looking forward to slipping back into my routine.
  • I'm back on track with thank you notes. If you didn't get one from me about a month ago, it's probably coming in the next week or two. (And I'm so sorry at how much I suck about this.)
  • Yes, there's even fiction getting closer to being done.
Edit to add: since I ended up with more kid time today as well (11/19) I'm calling time of death on trying to finish today's entry. We're just going to have to go off schedule this week and play catch up next week. Apologies for those who look forward to daily updates.

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