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Saturday, November 7, 2015

October's Best

While October was even worse than our normal bad around here (since the kid came along), I did get a couple of decent posts fired off. Here are the best of October's offerings. That will push on to the heights of fame and glory (third eighth rate internet fame and glory) in The Best of W.A.W.

On the Stories We Tell

Every time a (white) person goes on a killing spree, we hear the story about mental illness. But it's not the right story.

The Best Worst Tips About Writing People of Color

Our evil mystery blogger hacked the signal to give you some of the worst advice ever about how to portray people of color.

Flipping the Script

What would happen if we simply changed the script for the "rational debate." The one that disinterested people of privilege think they are so good at.

I hate to make promises as we come into the holiday season, but I've taken to carving out writing time with a blow torch and a hatchet, so here's hoping that November ushers in a period of getting up some of those long-promised posts. In particular, I have a 36 hour train ride next week with no internet connection, so I'm hoping to really bang out some serious writing at that time.

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