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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stuck on a Train

I'm posting this from my phone.  The drama of my train ride to Denver continues.

Apparently  crew rotation MUST occur after 12 hours, and we got stuck behind a freight train last night (it's a single rail with "passing lanes" from Reno to Salt Lake City so trains can't pass each other if they break down suddenly on the main line.) So it seems that if they hit 12 hours, they literally just stop the train and let the new crew come to them.

Delays have totaled up to over seven hours. So I'm still working only with my phone and spotty connection until late tonight. Probably no blog today. I'll run today's post tomorrow.

On the bright side, I watched the sun rise over distant snow-peaked mountains on the Utah flats and it was breathtaking. Thick smudges of pink and orange with a growing glow that lit the sky from black to deep purple and then blue. Then the sun blazed up and turned the horizon white and the flats to an angry red. When I say breathtaking, I don't just mean the cliche. I caught my air I. My throat with an involuntary "Oh," more than once.

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