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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Best Modern Fantasy by a Woman or Gender Variant Author of Color (Poll Results)

The results are in!

Though I would have prefered to see a wider spread between second and third place, but at least it's not a dead heat–and the winner is clear.

Text results below.

Keep your nomination hats tuned to the diversity frequency. I have a big announcement for early tomorrow, and I'll start taking nominations for our next poll shortly after that.

The Fifth Season - NK Jemisin 44 29.14%
Kindred - O. Butler 29 19.21%
Inheritance Trilogy - NK Jemisin 28 18.54%
Who Fears Death - N. Okorafor 19 12.58%
Children of Blood and Bone - T. Adeyemi 14 9.27%
Bloodchild and Other Stories - O. Butler 10 6.62%
The Star Touched Queen - R. Chokshi 5 3.31%
Brown Girl in the Ring - N. Hopkinson 2 1.32%


  1. How can Children of Blood and Bone be on this list when it was only published March 6? Something fishy here.

  2. Just reading The Fifth Season now, and I can understand how it's a clear winner...