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Saturday, March 3, 2018

February's Best

The highest page viewed, non-poll posts from last month that will go on to fame and renown in our Greatest Hits menu.  February was a tough month with busy side gig weeks and illness, but we got a few diamonds plucked from the rough.

Actual Protip: Don't Do This
Terry Goodkind decided to drag his cover art without talking to the artist that did it or being clear that it wasn't about the art itself. And the results were...fairly spectacular.

J.A.Q.ing Off in the Comments (Social Justice Bard)
Someone, who (of course) was just asking questions, wondered about a post I'd written earlier about being tall. I tried my very best to answer these questions in the spirit they were asked.

Writing About Writing Needs Your Help
We face a lot of trials and tribulations Writing free web content and finding even more of it, and if you're hoping to help us out, here's one way.

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