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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Greatest Hits By Month

Accounting for the popularity at the time and removing some of the potpourris with links that have not aged well, here are three articles per month that did the best for the month in which they were published.   This list does not include the ten very best articles of 2012.

Nothing's ever gonna get you down.
In it for the money?  Do something else.  A screen shot of a "good" day.
6 Ways L.A.R.P.s Make Me a Better Writer  Being a nerd has its advantages.
A Defense of Why Speculative Fiction Needs No Defense A Manifesto Against Lit Snobs

Guy Goodman St.White Reviews Beowulf- His inaugural post was quite popular.
Thank You.  Yes You.  Back when most of my hits were still friends, the gratitude posts did very well.
Watching Disney Movies as a Writer Why the formulaic stories of Disney are what many writers need.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Writing Writing is so much more than just...well...writing.
A Fish, a Rat, and a Prescriptivist Walk Into a Bar The implications of being "right" about grammar.
Writing Prompts: Concrete Imagery One of my most popular writing prompts thanks to Stumbleupon.

Who's a Good Widdle Pet? Yes You Are! Yes You ARE!  Don't forget the "pet" in pet peeves.
Product Review: Elements of Style by Strunk and White Why you need to own this book.  NEED.
Glad to Hear You Don't Have Con Crud  "I am good" vs. "I am well."

Lt. Lambast vs SFSU's Creative Writing Graduates SFSU's creative writing graduates get a spanking.
Potpourri: Ray Bradbury Themed  Shortly after his death, I put up a dedication potpourri.
Leela Bruce Kung Fu Fights Active Voice Wanks Leela rarely gets a lot of traffic, but she did today...

Reasons (not) to Get an MFA in Creative Writing The reasons why (and why not) might surprise you.
Image Bonanza! (A Potpourri of Unusual Visual Hilarity) Relevant memes I pulled from Facebook.
Writing As a Child Another writing prompt that has taken off on Stumbleupon.

A Writer Goes to Burning Man Why does a shy writer go to Burning Man?  It may surprise you.
Random Creative Writing Terms Beginning With the Letter F  Fairy Tale, Feminism, Flash Fiction...
The Horror Trope That Nearly Killed Me Some cats simply can't be trusted not to be homicidal.

Art: Like Keysi/JKD/Krav Maga--Do What Works If it works, do it.  All other advice is secondary.
Hate Mail Love  My first piece of hate mail!!!  I have arrived!!!!
5 Reasons Why Writing is More Like Driving a Car Than You're Comfortable With  Or ARE you?

The Holy Trinity of Writing Advice The only list you really need.
25,000 Views! I'm a little confused about the success of this post, but people apparently like it.
The Literary Review of Skyrim Part II We've come a LONG way from Pac Man.

So You Went and Did NaNoWriMo Anyway...  My evil twin takes a more cheerleadery tack.
The Artist's Survival Guide It helps to embrace the contradiction that is an artist's life.
Earning Your "Er" In order to be a writer, one must ad the "ER" to the verb TO WRITE...

Previously on Writing About Writing My "plot arc" posts never do well, but this one caught on...
Filter Your Filtering Learn what filtering language is and how to spot it.  So you can find it and kill it.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Writers CORE habits shared by all the good writers.


  1. I like some of these more than your "all time" bests.

    1. I agree in a couple of places, but I did the best by traffic numbers, not by my preference.