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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Useful Resources That Cost

If I review a book, an app, a class (for some reason) or anything that isn't both easily accessible through the web and free, I'll tell you what I think of it. That way you can use my opinion to inform whether you want to expend the time, effort, and/or money to acquire it as well. (Who knows, maybe you don't respect my opinion and you'll only buy things I hate.)

I'll keep a list of these reviews and a basic rank here. Most of these are links that will take you back to the original page I reviewed them on, and the full text of what I had to say, not to anything like an Amazon page.  I'm fairly confident that you can handle that part if you want to.

This one goes up to 11- Dorothea Brande Becoming a Writer

10s- If I didn't buy this, I would wonder if I hadn't been taken over by a pod person.  I would start to watch me very carefully when I slept.

9s- At twice the price this would still be a steal.  Simply put: find a way to buy this.

Strunk and White.  The Elements of Style

8s- A phenomenal value. The kind of thing I write into my budget right after food but before electricity.

7s- A Great Deal. Unless you are wondering where the next rent check is coming from, this is a must buy.

Stephen King On Writing

6s- A good deal. Pat yourself on the back after this purchase and say, "That'll do, self.  That'll do."

App- Level Me Up

5s- You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.  An even value.

4s- If you have money to burn--sure, why not?  If you found it on sale at 1/2 price books, give it a shot.

3s- Don't bother

2s- It's probably worth it to pay NOT to have this

1s- I would risk fighting Morlocks for the chance to go back in time and warn myself not to waste money on this tripe.

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