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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Image Bonanza! (A Potpourri of Unusual Visual Hilarity)

I'm sorry desktop.  I never meant to hurt you.  I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out my hard drive!

As I transition away from writing on my desktop to doing all my writing on Vera, I am left with a lot of junk I had saved on the desktop's hard drive.  I finally figured out (after seriously like three days of trying) how to sync my bookmarks, so that the hundreds of pages I've seen that I hope to bookmark are now on Vera.  But...there are still like 20 images tucked away in the hard drive that...well, I'm sure I could easily move them from one computer to another, but it's probably easier and more fun to just do it this way.

Get used to it.  If this is as weird as you ever feel as a writer, you are ahead of the game.

Blurry sections are "Satisfaction," "Comfort," "Contentment," "Fulfillment," and in the very center, "Bliss."
I have a friend who recently blogged about how much she hates the phrase "Follow your bliss."  Based on what she felt about the message and the associations she had with it, I'd probably hate it too.  However, this is more what I tend to think of when I say "bliss."

Seriously?  You're literally going to "die" if you don't find out what happens next on Game of Thrones?  

I've totally done this.  However my coup de grace was something similar but not exactly the same.  I put a professor in stitches because between seeing a word, never hearing it, and spell checker I put in a report that most of Dickinson's poems were published "post humorously."

I don't think this is even remotely true.  I think part of what creates tribe dynamics and social animals' urge to conform are that if you are going against the grain people don't "secretly admire you" but they really do view you as a threat and a pariah.  But if this helps you sleep at night and makes it easier to make all the anti-society decisions you must to really pursue a life of art, more power to you.


These were all over Facebook a few months ago.  I'm not sure why Einstein is even on there, but it's worth a laugh.

State of the Blog- Obviously the Potpourri survived the poll.  Seems like a few people skip it, but that's fine.  About 2/3's of you say you look at it or take a look when it has a theme you like, so it'll stick around.

We've had another jump in page views.  It seems Bing and Stumbleupon have found us.  The daily counter for W.A.W. resets at 5pm, and these days I'm going to bed at night already with more hits than we used to get all day.  Even though I'm not doing a lot of writing on weekends anymore (and that caused a definite hit to monthly numbers), July is probably going to get pretty close to being the highest month yet.  We've come a long way from me doing the Hugh Grant dance sequence from Love Actually whenever I got 15 hits in one day.

Now it takes...at least 30...maybe even 35.

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