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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July '12 Report

July has been a good month!

1350 page views for the month, which is 150 views over the next closest month (May).  Plus whatever trickles in today will add to that.  That wouldn't be possible with me merely cross posting my updates on Facebook and Livejournal.  So thank you to everyone who has "liked" "+1ed" shared, commented on a post, or recommended Writing About Writing or one of its posts.  You guys are the real ones making this possible.  A couple of my posts show up on the first page of certain keyword searches because YOU guys have spread them beyond just my personal social circles.

"Reasons" to Get an MFA in Creative Writing is the page view winner of the month, and will join the inner sanctum of Greatest Hits.  The Image Bonanza Potpourri came in a close second.  (Anything I post with humorous images picks up several hits from Pintrest.)  My fiction offering yesterday Falling from Orbit in one day actually got more hits than the Image Bonanza post, but I don't think I'm going to put fiction on the Greatest Hits since fiction has its own special section.

I'm not sure about "politics week."  It seemed to go on a little too long, but the people that liked it, REALLY liked it, and many who have struggled with the anxiety between having something to SAY and not being ham-handed seemed to appreciate it.  I actually got a wonderful e-mail from a reader thanking me for taking on the issue.

Putting up my fiction seemed to go pretty well.  I got some wonderful feedback.  The kind that makes all the unpaid hours worth every second.  (Not that I would impugn a donation, mind you.  Really.)  I'm working on a new short story, have several finished ones on the block to clean up and post, and of course am still tooling away at one manuscript and revising another. If the blog/donation/self-publishing route continues to work, I will make sure to keep making my writing free and accessible with only the occasional groveling for donations so that I can support my video game addiction and hire Asian hookers to pretend to be my groupies while they join Supportive Girlfriend and me in a rousing session of a little role-playing game I like to call, "Oh my god, your talent is so big!"  

In mid-August I will have to go back to my paycheck job of teaching, so my unbridled enthusiasm might get a little bit of a bridle--especially on Mondays and Wednesdays. I plan to keep working on the "ground floor":  Putting in the last of the Reliquary and working on things like the product list and the glossary.  You can also expect to see tags coming soon (and going onto old entries) since I am assured by "People in the Know" who have MUCH cooler sunglasses and cuff-links than I do that tags will greatly contribute to people "looking around" if they do happen to stumble upon my site.  Plus I want to start putting up a poll every month, so look for that early in August.

And thank you--every single one of you--for reading.  It makes me feel ten feet tall.  

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