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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writers on Politics (Thursday's Three)

I really wanted modern authors with names most people would recognize.  I can't imagine people would think that Percales's opinions on politics are relevant to today's world.  So after a lot of digging here are some authors' on politics, along with a few I've quoted already.

The previously quoted:

The grain of truth in the fin de siècle notion, though, is this: the author of genius does keep till his last breath the spontaneity, the ready sensitiveness, of a child, the ‘innocence of eye’ that means so much to the painter, the ability to respond freshly and quickly to new scenes, and to old scenes as though they were new; to see traits and characteristics as though each were new-minted from the hand of God instead of sorting them quickly into dusty categories and pigeonholing them without wonder or surprise; to feel situations so immediately and keenly that the word ‘trite’ hardly has any meaning for him; and always to see ‘the correspondences between things’ [I’ll write about this soon] of which Aristotole spoke two thousand years ago. This freshness of response is vital to the author’s talent.
Dorothea Brande

When considering this one, it pays to think about how "knee jerk" politics is towards most things and how swiftly items are categorized, moralized, and sloganized, and how seldom they are genuinely listened to or considered with a child's innocence.  I don't think Brande was specifically talking about politics, but "politically shaded glasses" would certainly apply to what she's saying.

The New:

I try not to spend too much time on partisan politics. Life's too short for that. I don't really believe that there have been many human problems solved by politics.
Dean Koontz

I don't want to force my politics on my readers.
John Grisham

Do you think it's possible to discuss politics without preaching?
Steven Brust

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