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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Dangers of the Industry

In lieu of content that I'm too sick to write, I will instead a link to a very interesting article about Rosie Fiore, a writer who blogs an expose about someone who very blatantly steals electronic books.

It is an exciting time in the publishing industry.  Electronic media means one need not go through gatekeepers to be published, or even to make a living (in some cases, a good living) by writing.  But it also introduces new dangers and pitfalls--namely the ubiquity of piracy.  People think because it's easy to download music, books, movies, whatever that there isn't anything wrong with it.  They go to convoluted lengths to convince themselves they're only stealing from huge nameless corporations or that it's really not theft.  They try to justify their theft by imagining they are taking nothing from anyone who would miss it.

But they do.  And they need to be called out.

They are stealing from artists.  It is really, truly theft.  It is no different than shoplifting a book.

Dear Stinkle01, you're a thief.

I also just want it to go viral want an asshole thief this Stinkle01 guy is.

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