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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Off to Burning Man

For those of you who haven't been following closely, or who don't keep up with me on either my Facebook page or Writing About Writing's Facebook page, I am off to Burning Man on my annual trip to get dusty and wonder what the hell I'm doing. In fact, I scheduled this post, so I'm actually already there (unless there was some kind of problem).

We will be back with regular entries probably starting Wednesday next week. Thursday for sure.

I'm never sure exactly when I'm going to get back. Seventy five thousand people leaving an event on a one lane dirt road tends to turn into a clusterfuck pretty quickly, and there have been times where it took people six hours to get just from the event to the road. Since that sounds almost exactly what hell would be like to me, we always listen to the radio and try to leave when the exodus is light. That means sometimes we drive out of there on Sunday and lament missing the temple burn, and sometimes it's Tuesday afternoon.

Usually it's in the middle somewhere. And that means generally we're home some time on Monday spend Tuesday sleeping and are ready to rock by Wednesday.

Monday is, of course, a bank holiday, and none of the staff here will work. (Something about at least giving them days off if I'm going to pay them in fast food coupons or some shit.)  I've got a couple of our usual end-of-the-month articles that need posting, but it may be Wednesday or Thursday before I'm ready to kick off our regular schedule and hit September with the full force ferocity of a writer who's tired of being distracted from his writing.

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