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Monday, June 6, 2016

Filler Splat (Personal Update)

A screen grab from last night's filming.
Image description: Me! With a pretty big smile on my face.
Hi everyone,

Fire up your non-European fantasy settings for tomorrow's call for nominations. We won't have as long as we usually do to gather names and turn them into a poll.

Today I am trying to catch up on fifteen things at once, and doing a personal update. One is a Kickstarter for a novel that will be rolling out soon and I am desperately excited about it. If it funds, you'll be looking at a full fledged novel by yours truly rolling out in serial blog post format about a year from now. (If it doesn't fund, it could be more like two or three.)

Another is approaching summer school. I've been putting off a bunch of paperwork (I'm changing the curriculum a little) and today I realized that it was the last day to submit things that I'll need for copies.

I also need to make some headway with my move. Nothing big. I still have 24 days until I even start moving boxes, but it's time to start writing e-mails and packing things in my current room in a less haphazard way.

Radiation starts tomorrow. We have NO CLUE what to expect. Some say sunshine and rainbows and a much improved frame of mind. Some say a lot of fatigue.

Which reminds me that I may have answered a mailbox about this already, but just so everyone knows the time of prophecy is nigh! The next week should be pretty prolific if radiation is not terribad, but then life is going to bodyslam me awfully hard. Basically every week until I am out of the house and done with summer school involves a new strata of complication. This week is radiation. Next week is summer school. The week after that is multiple overlapping visits. And the week after that is starting to move. Each of those things will stack onto the growing pile too. It won't be until early July before they start to clear one by one, and not until I'm moved, radiation is over, and summer school is done for the year that I will begin to have a normal schedule again.

This is the calm before the storm.

I'll keep posting, because writing is what I do, but there may be some skipped days, upside down schedules, weekend make up posts, and a WHOLE lotta jazz hands for the next seven weeks.

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