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Thursday, June 16, 2016

May's Best Posts

It appears that we are all out of guest posts for guest post Thursday (so if you want to write for us, send an e-mail to chris.brecheen@gmail.com and let's talk). But with somewhat auspicious timing it seems that we are also VERY overdue for our "Best of May" post.  

So without further ado (beyond this paragraph) here are the articles from May that will be going on to achieve untold fame and fortune within our Greatest Hits Menu.

10 Reasons to Write Daily–Accentuate The Positive
I tell people the downsides of NOT writing daily far too often. What happens if you do?'

Yes, I Make Money. But That's Not Why I Do It. (Personal Update)
Two stories, not entirely unrelated....

Plans. And Other Destroyable Things (Personal Update)
I'd hoped to take two weeks between Spring semester ending and Summer school starting to show you all what I could do when I let the clutch out, but this very popular article about why that fell to pieces will have to do instead.

Also, an honorable mention to "Why I Left Islam" which is actually a 2013 piece that I recently posted as a rerun on Writing About Writing's Facebook page, but it got another twenty-five hundred page views, which would have won the whole month if it weren't an old article.

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