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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Best Non-European Fantasy (Semifinal 1 Results)

Our first semifinal round is done, and I was elated to see a huge spread between the going-on-to-the-next-round cut off and the here-are-some-lovely-parting-gifts choices. Everything from Hundred Thousand Kingdoms up will be going on to the final round.
Image Description: Poll Results (available in text format at https://polldaddy.com/polls/9453849/results/)

Interestingly for how....passionate people seemed during the nomination process, we didn't end up with that many votes. Hopefully it was just my fault for losing focus due to the Kickstarter and letting things dribble out. But don't forget that you pick the nominees and make the polls happen. 

I'll announce it tomorrow, but technically the second round poll is already up if you want to vote now–lower left as always.

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