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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

June's Best

As we jazz hands up this last jazz-handian week, I gaze back upon the rockstar entries from yestermonth that will go on into the Hall of Fame to be studied by future historians writing their dissertations on two bit bloggers before they became four bit bloggers.
While you can expect to see the major updates to the Hall of Fame menus in the next three weeks or so, here are the best of June.

Four Things Your Editor May Not Tell You (But You Should Know) By Bethany Brengan

One of our rare guest posts to top the charts. Bethany Brengan delights us with an explanation of things most writers don't know about editors....but should.

Mailbox: Writing for Income

Yep. I make money from writing. And it's even drifting into not-terrible territory. But it's also not why I do any of it.

Mailbox: How Many Books

How many books do you have to read before you can write a book?

Honorable Mention:

Rage Against The Brecheen (Menu Tour) Though this has been a menu for years, our Friday repost of our menus

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